Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Different? What Difference?

It is quite clear that I am NOT a good blogger. Now that I've entered the world of "mommy-hood", my time seems to disappear. Every once in awhile something will happen that I feel I must share. After sharing this experience with a few friends, I was encouraged to blog about it.

When Mercy and I are out, we don't get very far before someone stops to comment on how beautiful she is. When Mercy was a little younger she would blow kisses to everyone, but now she waves her little hand off from the time we get out of the car until we return. She is waving before I even notice someone nearby. That girl is so friendly! (wonder where she gets that from?)

Today was no different than any other outing. Mercy was waving her little hand off at a baby and little girl shopping with their mom. I felt awkward not speaking, so I stopped to greet this family. The little girl looked to be about 4 years old and was wearing a cute little pillowcase dress. (like the ones I've started making for Mercy) The little girl was a typical curious, chatty girl twirling around and modeling her new dress.

In our brief encounter, I had a life-lesson with this stranger's child at the store. The little girl made the observation that Mercy's skin was darker and asked me why she was so dark. Her mother was mortified! But I immediately jumped in and told her God made everyone special, but everyone is different. Mercy's skin was just darker, but was soft just like hers. She touched Mercy's hand and then her own. Then said, I think she's so pretty! And I think YOU are pretty too, I said.

Difference is not bad; just different. Don't be afraid to talk to your kids when they notice someone different. When kids, or grown ups for that matter, don't understand then fear and prejudice takes root.